Frequently Asked Questions

What uses does this cloth have?
You can use the cloth to clean and polish the interiors and exteriors of automobiles, household and office furniture, blinds, computer equipment, guns, bows, and other sports equipment.

How do I use the GitUm and Las-stik polishing cloths?
Use the cloth folded and rub over the surface to be cleaned. As one part of the cloth becomes dirty, fold under to expose a fresh surface. Shake off any dirt and reuse the cloth. Use only on dry surfaces.

Can I use the cloth on glass?
No. We recommend that you do not use the cloth on glass.

How many uses can you get from one cloth?
You can use the cloth hundreds of times. Some of our customers have told us that the dirtier they get, the better they work.

Should you wash the cloth?
Washing the cloth will significantly reduce the polishing and dusting ability of the cloth. We suggest that you do not wash it until it is black with dirt, then wash and use it as a shop rag.

You say the cloth is environmentally friendly. How so?
The chemicals we treat the cloth with are not hazardous to you or the environment. Also, the cloth itself is a soft cotton flannel, a natural material. In addition, you can use our cloth hundreds of times versus the single use towelettes on the market. Also, when you have used the cloth to its fullest, wash it and use it as a shop rag. The chemical make-up and the re-usability make this product extremely environmentally friendly.